When were you the bad guy in someone else's story?

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I am always to blame if you asked every ex of mine they will turn the story around on me and say I am to blame for every relationship when in fairness takes two .but I will totally will be to blame they are great they don’t have any issues or nothing wrong with them Ieverything my fault especially when they turned around and said to me creepy or nasty I made them say it to me .and in my sisters story again once mainly the one to blame I mean growing up we both did shitty things to each other but I am worse and to blame . even bullies and teachers that bullied me was my fault and turned it all on me literally I am not saying that I am never to blame course I am not perfect I make mistakes I may of coursed misunderstandings and obviously I am to blame in some situations .but literally I am mostly bad guy in peoples stories but as long as I know truth and know when I am in wrong they can paint and tell what story’s what they want.

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