What is the best original romantic conversation you can write?

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Okayyy! Let me tell into in part wise sequence each part as a different scene:-

Part 1:

When you were waiting for the whole day to have a convo

He : hy how are u? Are u fine? How is your health ? ?

And she replied

She: aaj pata hai kya hua……..and then convo went about half an hour

And then u feel relief after talking like it's feel u have that one person whom u can tell anything

Part 2 :

When he just 😂do your tareef of your pics even being ugly then u feel like….. Am I literally this

Part 3:

When u both dance into the rain and just a romantic and cute scene going on…. . After that you got sick and he care like you like a small kid👀

Part 4:

When u just love to irritate each other and make fun of each other and then also stay together without getting into in any type of conflicts….. 🍂


When he don't care about time

She : calling in night about 1oclock

He: sleeping, but picked your call and have a convo

Part 6 :

Specially on periods when he brings you a lots of food and handle your mood swings for the sake of yours….. 😉

Part 7 :

When he get sick she care like an idiot and just make delicious things or just a nice lap sleeping

Part 8 :

Both understand each other and support each other give there personal time and trust each other…

What is the best original romantic conversation you can write?-第1张图片

This all above things are fictional….. Just the imagination of mine

Thanks ~for reading


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