Do Chinese people not get tired of writing all their characters in Chinese characters?

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No, yes we do get tired. Get some sleep. Generally eight hour per day recommended.

Have being at it for so long, a precise stroke order is of great help. I think it is possible to execute the words blind folded. Never tried though.

Another thing done recently was to reduce stroke count for the more stroky ones. It is called 简体字 simple body words. The Taiwanese don't like it they prefer the exercise.

Yet another has to do with the long history of the language. Just a few words is needed to “speak your mind”. A single character is sufficient to convey the desired meaning. Take 赞 for example, it is easier than to draw a hand with a finger sticking out. A wrong finger could be disastrous.

Sometimes two characters are needed. Imagine just two 赞美,赞助,赞赏,赞同 you know … you can pack in more characters before bedtime. Then there are the three letters words, well ok they are not as simple as ABC but you can get a 赞助商 to sponsor you and if you are moved by the spirit and have the urge to praise, you can shout 哈利路亚 or 赞美主. Many words can fit into just four 赞不绝口 has so many words in it that we don't know where it stop.

The Chinese language is so compact that you only need few to accomplish much. But still at the end of the day one still get tired in spite of all the 赞,after all we are only human. The rest will be good.


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