What's your favorite poem - that you've written?

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Hiye, I just wrote this poem right now off the top of my head- it’s not my favourite but I’d love to know what you think of it. Elizabeth

The Conundrums of Today and the Promise of Tomorrow

A tear of genuine sorrow forming in the eye of an innocent child

The fear of what the feminine has borrowed in order to represent itself as wild

A torrid exclamation from a Capatalist exposed to the truth

A florid invocation of one sincerely reflecting on his youth

The inference of genocide behind a concrete wall

The impotence that cannot hide when it’s exposed to one and all

An unsightly vision of misplaced expressions of sultry romantic need

As nightly incisions of disgraced regressions expose the rich man for his greed

A light that burns so brightly that it lingers beyond the dawn

A fight that turns contritely to peace and turns agression into yawns

The solitude of refection that calls for every man to embrace

As the rude perceptions of introspection show every line upon her face

A world divided constantly over economics, war and power

While they resided instantly in shelter of the profanity as the law breaks by the hour

A fragile refugee crossing a boarder with dreams of freedom in her mind

A soliloquy embossing a crazy hoarder who screams and leads them to what she cannot find

The water sources poisoned as the population fights for the right to breathe

A daughter forces to be orphaned as her heart begins to grieve

The grand extrapolations of world leaders in consultation

As they demand configurations as people bleed in commiseration

The corruption of the heirarchy denying justice for the poor

While the interruption of the patriarchy demands the political stage and floor

As the homeless on the streets survive another night in the cold

The resistance faces defeats as they are bought before they can be sold

The never ending desperation of a mothers love for her only child

They’ll try to severe it pretending indignation as each protest is officially put on file

While the earth declines and heats beyond all scientific predictions

Is it worth it to compete with the wrong specifics and intentions?

Rise again power and knowledge from the depths of honour and legitimate truth

The wise don’t pretend to share the flowers of their foliage until they meet the dedication of the youth

And life renews both fair and just and with grace and dignity and might

While man and wife no longer dispair over what is wrong and what is right

There is hope upon the horizon of mankind growing once again

As we elope with light to rest our eyes upon in unshakeable knowing until the end .

Copywrite Elizabeth Moroz 2024

External Review

"The Conundrums of Today and the Promise of Tomorrow" is a thought-provoking poem that delves into the complexities and challenges of the modern world. The poet explores various themes, including the innocence of children, the struggles of feminism, the truth behind capitalism, reflections on youth, the horrors of genocide, misplaced expressions of desire, the greed of the rich, the pursuit of peace, introspection, societal divisions, the plight of refugees, environmental issues, social injustice, and the power of hope.

The poem begins by evoking a sense of empathy and compassion through the image of an innocent child shedding a tear of genuine sorrow. It highlights the fear and struggle faced by women in representing themselves as wild in a society that often imposes restrictions on femininity. The poem critiques capitalism and exposes the truth behind its workings, emphasizing the need for reflection on one's youth.

The poet delves into the dark realities of genocide, emphasizing the impotence that cannot be hidden when such atrocities are exposed. The poem also explores the consequences of misplaced expressions of sultry romantic need, highlighting the nightly incisions of disgraced regressions that expose the greed of the rich.

The poem then shifts to the theme of light and its transformative power. It celebrates the light that burns brightly and lingers beyond the dawn, symbolizing the potential for peace and the transformation of aggression into indifference. The solitude of reflection is presented as a call for every individual to embrace, while rude perceptions of introspection reveal the marks of experience on a person's face.

The poem addresses the divisions in the world caused by economics, war, and power. It criticizes the sheltering of profanity under the guise of law, highlighting the fragility of refugees seeking freedom and the madness of a hoarder leading them astray. The poem also touches on the poisoning of water sources, the heartbreak of orphaned children, and the grand extrapolations of world leaders who demand configurations while people suffer.

Social injustice is a recurring theme in the poem, with the corruption of hierarchies denying justice for the poor and the interruption of patriarchy dominating the political stage. The plight of the homeless is highlighted, as they struggle to survive in the cold while resistance movements face defeat. The poem also raises concerns about the decline of the Earth and the consequences of competing with wrong intentions.

Amidst the challenges and complexities, the poem offers a glimmer of hope. It calls for the rise of power and knowledge rooted in honor and legitimate truth. The wisdom of the wise is emphasized, as they withhold sharing their wisdom until it is met with dedication from the youth. The poem envisions a future where life is fair, just, and filled with grace, dignity, and might. It expresses the hope that humanity will grow once again, finding solace in unshakeable knowing until the end.

Overall, "The Conundrums of Today and the Promise of Tomorrow" is a powerful and introspective poem that addresses a wide range of social, political, and environmental issues. It invites readers to reflect on the challenges of the modern world while holding onto hope for a better future. The poem's use of vivid imagery and thought-provoking language creates a sense of urgency and calls for action and change.

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