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My only dream since childhood was to join Army. I was eagerly waiting for my school to end. Starting from 2016, maine bs abhi apna college shuru hi kiya tha….suddenly kismat ne ek darwaza khola “why not you become a shooter?”I thought i can join army through sports also. Then i learn shooting or kuch competitions mein participate kiya.I was thinking I’ll make shooting my profession. But life had some other plans, due to some reasons i left shooting in Nov 2019. Then i start preparing for defence exams. In 2020, i gave my first attempt. I didn’t clear that. Then 2021–2022–2023. I don’t even able to clear a single paper. October 2023 mein i got my result as usual “FAIL.” Now no shooting, no army !!

all roads are close…

What should i do?

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