What are the benefits of a hand written journal over a typed, or even vocal one?

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Nothing beats writing by hand. When you handwrite in your journal, your entire mind, body, and senses are involved. You’re transferring the thoughts from your brain to your hand so that the pen can write out the words that form sentences and help give your thoughts life. There’s something therapeutic to it when you can bring the ideas in your mind to paper. You’re able to release them and process them more efficiently (source).

I opt for a typed journal entry when I know I have a lot to write - because of course you can type faster than you can write sentences.

Speaking into a mic is great for when you need to release the emotion physically…similar to talk therapy. Giving your thoughts a voice, literally, and getting it out of your head can do wonders. Whether you listen back to the recording or not you’re getting it out of your head and placing it elsewhere (try talking to yourself and let me know if you feel better).

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