What's the most beautiful short story?

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There is a girl having a relationship with a boy from 4 years and boy madly in love with her and she also loves him very much.

But suddenly one day everything change girl cheat on a boy and he was shocked they break their relationship and boy faces mental trauma cry a lot day and night ki why him he never ever talk to another girl but his gf involved in romantic talk with other boys of her school and colleges.

Day passes girl slowly realizes ki she did a big mistake slowly her family left her.Her friends left her. Her new boyfriends left her and she was all alone then she remind him and msg him.

After 1 year when she messeged him and said that“kya ham firse sath aa sakte hai” the boy told that I have no feelings for you and I am not same as before like sooo if you are ready to handle me then we will continue and “feelings bhi tumhe hi Lani padegi“ now girl slowly became loyal that she never ever loose him and she leaves everyone for him after that but boy will change and become a playboy because he never ever trust again on that girl and become heartless.

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“A person who breaks your trust once will break it again without hesitation”.

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