What do I do? I don't have any proper degree or studied writing, but I want to write. What are some things I need to learn?

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Grammar is needed from your question, you need to match your verb tense in your sentences.

You will also need to learn how to write an article, essays, memoir, poems, short stories, flash fiction or nonfiction, basically every form used to write. Each form teaches you lessons about writing like how to express emotions, how to organize material, how to describe experiences in detail, how to craft a fight. There's a lot to learn.

Learning about writing comes in many forms including magazine articles on writing that you can read for free at your local library. The library also usually offers Writer's Digest Guides to getting your work published. Joining writer's digest is also helpful as you can save money on writing books that they sell.

It is easy to get writing classes by joining your local or state or regional writing organization. Many writers offer creative writing generation groups at a low cost or free to help aspiring writers. Also many community colleges are lower cost than universities or colleges and they offer both free and for cost classes.

But foremost, you need to learn to set an schedule and write regularly. Get a cheap notebook or ten and start filling them up. You’ll learn a lot about yourself and people by recording your thoughts.

It's a lot to learn, you must learn to not give up and to follow your interests as you learn. You also need to learn to set aside time for family, friends, exercise, basically learn to have a life outside of writing.

Best of luck and have fun.

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