What is the proper way to start writing the introduction for an argumentative research paper? Are there any specific guidelines or structures that should be followed?

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When starting the introduction for an argumentative research paper, consider the following guidelines and structures:

Hook: Begin with a compelling hook that grabs the reader's attention, such as a surprising statistic, a thought-provoking question, or a relevant anecdote.

Background Information: Provide context and background information on the topic to ensure readers understand its significance.

Thesis Statement: Clearly state your thesis or main argument, which should be arguable and specific.

Roadmap: Outline the main points or arguments you'll present in the paper to support your thesis.

Scope: Define the scope of your research and specify the focus of your argument.

Tone and Style: Maintain a formal and objective tone, avoiding first-person pronouns (e.g., "I" or "we").

Length: Keep the introduction concise, typically around 10-15% of the total paper length.

By following these guidelines and structures, you can create an engaging and effective introduction for your argumentative research paper.

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