Where do I go to land freelance writing jobs apart from the internet for getting freelance jobs?

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If you want to get writing jobs offline, you can go to a business in your area or approach someone you know who has a business and ask them if they are in need of your services. It’s a good idea to offer them something upfront when using this method, that way they see immediately that you can provide them value and are legit. If you notice something that can be improved or implemented in their business that will help them in some way, let them know. .in a NICE an POLITE way!

Tell them you like what they do/their business/ etc. (pick something) and would love to assist them in bringing in more customers/boosting awareness, increasing revenue, etc., and tell them how you’ll do that for them. Then present them with your writing sample that addresses whatever it is that needs to be implemented or improved so they can see the difference. This works for copywriters all the time.

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