How do I start content writing with no experience?

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I first worked as an editor. Then I came to know people are more interested in writers than editors. so I started searching for courses online, searched for paid but learned from free ones. I also downloaded many free course apps, but they didn't work either. Then I searched on google it also didn't work because reading makes people sleepy and me too. So I searched on youtube and I got many there, too. I first searched for English ones because I am from an English medium school, but it didn't match my expectations. Then I came to know about Hindi. I tried, and they were good. I can say I learned content writing from them only. I will suggest learning from WScubetech from youtube if you know Hindi. I also learned about SEO from them. I found them better than Neil Patel.

I would tell you one more thing: don't ever open single videos. They will do time pass and never open videos that say they earn money online by this and that they are total frauds. I did not learn anything from them. They just promote their things and nothing else. You can try Simplilearn and Website Learners(for SEO) in English if you want. I don't know how they are, but they can be worth trying to learn content writing in English. Website Learners are good, and their tricks worked, too. And I have also written about and explained my experience with content writing. You can visit my space to learn about it. I know reading is hard but it can be worth reading too.

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