How do you deal with the thought that every philosophical argument you produce is either trivial or can be subjected to severe criticism? I’m a philosophy student and while writing essays, I always feel paralysed because of that.

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Wonderful Question !

*Absolutely nothing is above, or beyond, criticism”

In an imperfect world, any (fool) can find fault with anything, anywhere, anytime. it doesn't take a genius … ie., Not mother, God, country, apple pie, chevrolet, baseball … absolutely nothing

But, does it takes a wise person to (recognize) this, and thus (refrain), from such a fault-finding (fault-seeking) orientation …?? (You bet it does)

What is absolute reality, and who dare claim themself as ultimate 'arbiter’ of such a thing …

Life, is a game of perceptual, conceptual, emotional, and physical — manipulation

A game with no permanent rules, or well-defined parameters, or even an end-point

A game that few can truly apprehend, but a game that everybody plays


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