How can you find the gap in a dissertation literature review?

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In my experience as a seasoned researcher, identifying gaps in a dissertation literature review is a critical task that requires a methodical approach. To effectively pinpoint these gaps, I employ the following strategies:

Thorough Reading: I begin by extensively reading the existing literature within my research domain. This not only helps me understand the current state of knowledge but also highlights areas where the literature may be lacking or outdated.

Identify Repetition and Overlaps: I pay close attention to recurring themes and concepts across various sources. If multiple studies cover similar ground, it could indicate a potential gap or lack of recent research in a particular sub-topic.

Analyze Citations: Examining the references in the articles and papers I review is crucial. If I notice that specific key works are consistently cited, it suggests an established body of literature. Conversely, if there's a lack of citations for certain topics, it may indicate a gap.

Surveying Recent Publications: Keeping up with the most recent publications is vital. It helps in understanding whether the existing literature adequately addresses contemporary issues. A dearth of recent sources on a particular subject can signify a gap.

Consulting Experts: Engaging in conversations with experts in the field can provide valuable insights. They often possess an in-depth understanding of the subject matter and can point out areas where research is lacking.

Mind Mapping: Creating a visual representation of the literature, such as a mind map, can help in visualizing the connections between various sources. This can reveal gaps where certain aspects have not been explored.

Comparative Analysis: I frequently use comparative analysis to evaluate the depth and breadth of literature on different sub-topics. This approach helps in identifying areas that might be underrepresented or entirely overlooked.

In conclusion, finding gaps in a dissertation literature review is a meticulous process that involves a combination of extensive reading, critical analysis, and collaboration with experts. These strategies enable me to construct a comprehensive literature review that not only highlights existing knowledge but also identifies areas where further research is needed.

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