Why is writing scripts considered to be more difficult than writing other forms of text, such as novels and articles? Are there any tips that can be used when attempting to write a person's first screenplay?

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No writing is harder or easier than any other. For screenplays think always of the pictures. Make the dialogue tight. Let the camera and the actors do what you would have to describe at length in a novel. Be familiar with the language of cinema - going from scene to scene etc.

Professional screenwriters try to find out the constraints of budget. For TV, keep the number of night shoots down. Don’t expect a million extras.

I’ve found that exploring the real place you’re setting it in gives you ideas about what’s practical. In a novel you can go from Beijing to LA and Vienna for nothing. Doing that for a TV episode or drama will make it impossible.

Don’t get bogged down in formatting. You can sort that out when you have a good play!

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