What makes a pure evil villain so effective in the story?

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most villains and hero’s are not pure, well I don’t know but I think captain America because he has never been tempted he is always on the moral right path.

pure means unchanging

a pure evil villain will never change. what makes a pure evil villain affect in a story is that they just bring you into the story. They’re fun. Unpredictable. They scared you yet thrill you in some way.

though I don’t really think pure villains are widely used because of their unchanging nature.

though I do know one villain that was a truly pure evil villain angelus from Buffy the vampire slayer.

now if you were asking what makes a villain in general effect in a story then I could name some reasons

they give you a direct obstacle

they are trying to get in the way of what the protagonist/hero’s are trying to do

a villains there to try to stop the hero and prevent them from reaching their goals

and sometimes they can even be too people that are the same but choose two different sides. Like for example the doctor and the master in doctor who British tv show

A villain gives the story something to do, and villains either contrast or contradict with the hero, the joker is not pure evil I mean you think he can’t change but you forget he is insane/crazy he has some kind of illness or I could be mistaken though that’s what it seemed to me considering his behavior.

there are different kinds of villains for to create a effect pure evil character you’d really have to take your time to build them up as a character but remember they weren’t always like this and they are only pure evil if they can never be redeemed by redeemed I mean they will never change their ways period.

villains can be complex

they have motives

they have a past

they have reasons for their actions and what they do.

and they have feelings too though this is not always the case.

a villian makes the hero seem valuable and what I mean by that is let’s take for example

there is a train it’s crashing into the road but the villain is going to destroy the parking lot where some people are still there

the hero manages to save half of the people on the bus but then goes to save the people he saves all 5 of 10 levels 1,000 died, 2,029 including the people on the bus as well as the cars that the bus crashed into.

in this instance the villain caused people to die, the hero did not expect for anything to go wrong he thought the only thing he had to worry about was the bus but then the villain comes.

sure the hero probably wouldn’t have been able to save everyone or maybe he could it depends on the time he takes.

by the way in this senerio I’m imagining the hero to be a speedster.

villains can change while pure evil cannot

hero’s can change pure good cannot

a villain can set the hero’s call to action. They set the hero’s journey in motion.

In my opinion the vampire angelus is the only effective pure evil villain

now sometimes a villian can play both hero and villian like Loki and Homelander

the song hot n cold by katy perry literally seems almost as if it was written about Loki.

sometimes the best villains can also be ones that have reasonings.

klaus mikealson you can see the anger, the fear and the love.

why villiantz can’t and won’t love?

Love is a weakness as it is a strength; it is both

if a villian was to develop feelings they would change, love changes us for the best.

the best villains are the ones we both love and hate and love to hate and hate to love.

and when klaus talks if he is hurt you can really tell it, if he feels betrayed you can tell it

he is a monster because of the way he was raised plus his vampirism which heightened everything.

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