If a poem contains 8 lines, what would it be called?

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When a poem has 8 lines, it's typically referred to as an octet. An octet is a concise and versatile poetic form, allowing for creativity within a confined structure. This form has been used by poets for centuries, and its popularity endures due to its balance between brevity and expressiveness.

Imagine this: back in my college days, I stumbled upon the beauty of octets while taking a poetry workshop. We were challenged to encapsulate a moment or emotion in just eight lines. It was like trying to capture lightning in a bottle. I remember crafting a piece about the fleeting nature of time, each line a snapshot of a specific memory. The discipline of working within the octet form pushed me to distill my thoughts and emotions, creating a poem that felt like a tiny universe of its own. So, if you're thinking about writing an octet, go for it! It's like the espresso shot of poetry—short, strong, and packs a punch!

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