I want to write as a hobby. Where could I start?

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Writing as a hobby or as a career start the same you need to decide on a genre, that usually chooses itself. As you know the kinds of stories that ignite your passions for writing. Then like any hobby you need to find the time in a world of work and family to enjoy the pursuit.

Start by working out a storyline, see it all the way through in you mind to the end, make notes if you need to then once you have that then sit down and create it. Make your characters, make copious notes on things as you write because you might need to check on something that you already wrote and it’s nice to have it noted with the page number so it doesn’t take forever to find what you’re looking for. It also helps when you go to edit.

I started out writing as a hobby to and have enjoyed it and without all the pressures of life, it’s a nice way to relax from a tough day at work.

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