What is a free verse poem? What are its characteristics? How can one write such a kind of poem?

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A poem for my sister Margaret. No rules or rhyming, just words, my words, my feelings that just seem to flow from my heart. .

Warm Summer Daze

50 years pass by So quickly. But I remember you 13, and stretching teenage wings

A warm summer breeze Pushes through the window Of my old green Mustang. A smoky haze From the joint Burning hot Between my lips Swirls pass your Bobbing head The music loud And hypnotic Adds to the moments craze.

Giggling girls Trying to look cool Sisters, companions, Friends Each striving for independence Growing pains Pushing us Through the summers daze The blacktop clicking by Under the wheels

Days, months, years So many gone now Our lives challenged And engaged us . Our paths separated. Yours seemingly A more stable, Respectable road, Where mine, Somewhat rocky became an erratic And mismatched dance.

So much time, So many miles Between. I’m different now. I suppose you are too. Those young girls, Left far behind.

I still hear the giggling. A smile Lights my face And I once again Feel the warmth Of those long ago Summer Days.

Jane WeberZevely

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