How do I write a summary after reading an article?

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Follow these steps to produce a summary after reading an article:

1. Carefully Read the Article: Understand the core concepts, key arguments, and author's objective.

2. Identify the Main Points: Select the article's most important material and central arguments.

3. Condense the Information: In your own words, summarize the content. Concentrate on the important elements while avoiding the needless ones.

4. Maintain Structure: Organize your summary rationally, making sure the key points flow in a logical order.

5. Incorporate Key Supporting Details: Include relevant instances or evidence provided by the author to support their key claims.

6. Be Brief: Brief and to-the-point summaries are preferred. Aim for clarity and conciseness.

7. Avoid Personal Opinions: Stick to summarizing the author's thoughts rather than expressing your own.

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