How good is resume writing services?

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I've had personal experience with's resume writing services, and I must say that the quality varies. When I used their service a few years ago, I had a mixed experience.


Professional Formatting:'s service did provide a professionally formatted resume. The layout and design were appealing.

Keyword Optimization: They optimized my resume with relevant keywords, which can be essential for passing through automated applicant tracking systems.

Timely Delivery: They delivered the resume within the promised timeframe, which was convenient for my job search.


Lack of Personalization: The service I received lacked a personalized touch. It felt like a template with my details filled in.

Limited Revisions: I expected a more collaborative approach, but the number of revisions was limited, and it felt rushed.

Pricey:'s resume writing services can be on the expensive side. There are more cost-effective options available.

In summary,'s resume writing services are decent but not exceptional. If you need a quick, professionally formatted resume and are willing to pay a premium, it could be a suitable option. However, if you're looking for a highly personalized and collaborative experience, you might want to explore other service providers.

Improving your resume is crucial in your job search, and you can further explore this by using a reputable writing service like Resume-101. They offer tailored services that can significantly enhance your chances of landing your dream job.

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