How do I motivate myself to write a book?

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6 Tips for Motivating Yourself to Write Now

1. Reward Yourself for Your Efforts

Although writing may not bring instant fame or wealth, it is important to acknowledge and reward yourself for your daily writing efforts. Treat yourself to a small goodie, like a cupcake or muffin, that will keep you motivated and help you get through the day-to-day writing tasks. Remember, it's not a luxury if it helps you get the writing done.

2. Avoid Linking Your Worth to Achieving Goals

Instead of placing your self-worth on achieving specific goals, acknowledge that you are already a writer if you're writing with dedication and passion. Whether or not your work is published or sells numerous copies does not determine your worth as a writer. Focus on showing up and consistently putting in the effort, which already makes you a great writer.

3. Be Flexible with Your Writing Schedule

Allow yourself flexibility in your writing schedule. If unforeseen circumstances arise and prevent you from writing on a particular day, don't beat yourself up over it. It's important not to feel guilty as guilt can hinder motivation.

4. Follow Your Inspiration

Sometimes, inspiration strikes unexpectedly and leads you in a different direction than planned. If you feel compelled to work on a different chapter or section than scheduled, go with it. Don't force yourself to stick to a strict plan if your creative muse is guiding you elsewhere. Embrace the inspiration to avoid self-criticism and ensure the quality of your writing.

5. Overcome Emotional Obstacles

When you're feeling highly emotional or stressed, it can be challenging to find motivation to write. In those moments, take the time to write down your emotions and give yourself an outlet to express them. Afterward, let go of those emotions by deleting or destroying what you have written. This exercise can enable you to move past the emotional barriers and continue with your writing.

6. Just Write

Even when you lack motivation to work on a specific project, don't let that stop you from writing altogether. Write in your journal, on your blog, or on a notepad. It doesn't matter if the writing is good or bad; the key is to keep writing. By putting your thoughts on paper, you may discover what truly motivates you and inspire others to do the same.

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