What common mistakes do male writers make when writing about female characters?

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There is this shot in a song Telugu movie Murari .

What common mistakes do male writers make when writing about female characters?-第1张图片

The director, Krishna Vamsi, called his assistant director, Nandhini Reddy and told her: ‘I feel bit akward to explain this scene to the actress. So go and tell the actress, Sonali Bendre to kneel on the road in front of hero’s jeep and throw the pallu of her saree in the air.’

‘Oh. Why sir?’

‘I want to symbolically and aesthetically show that she loves him so much that she is offering all of herself to her guy.’

‘Sir. Reverse the genders. Are you going to make the hero stand in front of her and unbutton his jeans to extract the same feeling?’

The director visibly got annoyed and told her ‘Do what I say.’

She went and explained the shot to the actress.

The actress too went blank. ‘Wait. What!’

So one fundamental problem male writers make is

They decide what the women should feel, with complete disregard to her personality or desire or thought process.

And in most cases, this feeling is structured in such a way that it fulfills the desire of the male lead.

In this case, for example, why would the girl, who is educated and smart, offer herself to the hero as a sign of love? She would rather be expecting or craving for it as she too has her desires and she is also quite interested in fulfilling them rather than just existing merely as an object to fulfill the guy’s desires.

A lot of films have this problem, where the female characters merely exist to only control the male by denying him, enticing him or making him feel satisfied rather than expressing their desires or fulfillment.

One best example of the latter is Kaatu payale from Soorarai Poortru, which is directed by a female director.

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