Can you end an essay with "In conclusion"?

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While it is grammatically correct to end an essay with the phrase "In conclusion," it is considered a bit traditional and formal. Many writers and educators suggest avoiding this phrase as it can sound clichéd and doesn't add much value to your conclusion.

Instead of using a formulaic conclusion, consider incorporating a more dynamic and engaging closing that reinforces your main points or leaves a lasting impression on the reader. You might restate your thesis in a new way, provide a thought-provoking insight, or propose a call to action related to your essay's topic.

Here's an example of an alternative conclusion:

"In summary, the evidence presented highlights the urgent need for [your main point]. As we navigate the complexities of [your topic], it becomes clear that [restate your thesis in a fresh way]. By [action or reflection], we can contribute to positive change and shape a better future."

Remember, the goal is to leave a strong impression and summarize your essay's key points in a way that resonates with your reader. Experiment with different closing strategies to find the one that best suits the tone and content of your essay.

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