What do experienced writers understand that new writers don't?

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When you write without truly unleashing the enchantment from the depths of your heart, it will resemble something like this:

In the morning, Jordan took his pills. Afterward, he proceeded to prepare and consume his meal. Following that, Jordan went to work and discovered someone lurking behind the door, which was quite peculiar.

Curiosity led him to investigate, only to find that the individual lurking was a monstrous being that ultimately ended his life.

Often, people will say to that person, "Come on! You can do better!" This remark leaves them pondering their abilities. Suddenly, a spark of inspiration ignites within their mind, encouraging them to incorporate more sophisticated language and correct their grammar! As a result, their writing might appear somewhat like this:

In the early morning hours, the shrill sound of the alarm clock rudely aroused Jordan from his blissful slumber, wrenching him out of a profound sleep as he struggled to pry open his tired eyes. Initially, his weary eyelids resisted, but with a few sips of water to ease the passage of his pills, they begrudgingly complied. Grimacing at the unpleasant taste of the tepid water, which had accumulated dust overnight, Jordan was further assaulted by the blinding rays of the sun streaming through his window, assaulting his still-drowsy pupils.

Cautioning himself to be careful, he cautiously descended the stairs, nearly stumbling over an inconspicuous sponge. What on earth was a simple sponge doing in such an unexpected place? Yet, he didn't have the luxury to dwell on such trivial matters, for he had to make it to work on time. Stealing a quick glance at his wristwatch, his eyes widened, suddenly aware of the predicament he had gotten himself into by staying up too late watching "Love by Chance" the previous night. Hastily, he made his way to the kitchen, hastily seizing a saucepan to sauté a medley of vegetables. Grabbing a piece of bread, he hurriedly assembled a sandwich, stuffing his half-cooked creation inside. Right now, punctuality was his top priority. After hastily dressing himself, Jordan raced to his car and fumbled for his keys. Comforted by the familiar jingle, he settled into his seat and calmly drove to the office.

Once there, he settled in after exchanging the usual pleasantries with his colleagues. Everything seemed to be going swimmingly until his pristine work was rudely interrupted by the sight of a peculiar, grotesque shadow looming outside his door. The mysterious figure remained motionless, casting an eerie pall over the office. Determined to be brave and rational, he summoned the courage to rise from his seat. The air became heavy and oppressive, with the office's atmosphere turning gloomy. Gritting his teeth, he reached out and grasped the cold doorknob, allowing a surge of bravery to pulse through his veins as he flung the door open, only to be greeted by a sight that chilled him to the core.

Never again would he dare to dream peacefully after witnessing what hid beyond that door. It was a sight unlike anything he had ever witnessed before. A grotesque, disfigured creature.

To his relief, he soon realized that his boss had simply acquired a new, hideous fish statue.

Admittedly, that was quite an enjoyable exercise.

Do you see now? By providing intricate details that evoke the reader's senses, you can bring your characters to life. Make them feel real and add your own unique flair.

Not writing a story? Even in non-fiction, aim to incorporate a distinctive touch that sets your text apart from others that providentially relay facts. Make it your own. Don't just state this, that, or maybe these and those. Infuse it with magic. Remember, it's not just you who may struggle, aspiring to improve forever. It's the words you write that can either captivate or fall flat. Sometimes, they might even swallow. Inject authenticity and passion into your writing!

Thank you for the request. 😊

*Love by Chance is a Thai series.

EDIT: Oh my God. This answer is the first one I wrote that received this many upvotes. When I woke up and saw it, I was overwhelmed with happiness. Thank you so much, everyone.

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