How does one come up with his or her own philosophy?

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Here are some suggestions that can assist you:

- Ignore the opinions of others regarding yourself, your work, or your passion.

- Remember that you are unique and that is your power, so don't pay attention to advice from famous individuals or your ideals.

- Karma denotes any effort put into something, and the process of doing it is more important than whether it is right or wrong. Through this process, you learn and grow, developing a different mindset.

- Travel to a new place every year, preferably alone, where you can interact with people who have different perspectives. This allows you to gain insights into life and the world.

- If you are introverted, step out of your comfort zone and engage in small talk with random people. This will show you how different your life can be. Additionally, approach that person you're interested in or ask for assistance.

- For extroverts, take a day to disconnect from everyone else and have a conversation with yourself.

- Read, regardless of the material. Even if you are not an avid reader, start reading, or if you are, challenge yourself with something you wouldn't typically be interested in.

- Go on solo adventures, such as taking a trip, visiting a café, or going for a walk. Without engaging in conversation with others, you will discover new things.

- Prioritize finding your true self over obtaining a job, promotion, admission, or love. Seek out activities that ignite your soul and pursue them with passion and determination.

- Practice meditation and yoga, and reflect on your dreams.

- Lastly, experiencing heartbreak can provide valuable insights into yourself, others, love, and life. It can offer better clarity and help you recognize your uniqueness and individual way of living.

- Perform acts of kindness for others, whether it's a street dog, your watchman, or simply your mom. Giving brings joy and helps you become a better person.

- Spread positivity by giving someone an upvote and making their day.

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