If your life was a book, what would be the name of the chapter you are in now?

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I am currently in the later stage of my life, comparable to an aged oak or maple tree with leaves that are transforming into a vibrant orange and red. However, these hues signify the end of life.

Regardless, I have never felt happier in my life than I do now. I know that I won't be present for many more springs, and in that sense, I am not so different from the trees I admire. We both experience life's journey, starting from a small seed to becoming saplings, then blossoming into buds, vibrant green with growth. We develop deep roots and endure countless strong winds and storms. We have grown resilient and perhaps awe-inspiring to some. Yet, inevitably, fall and winter arrive.

I have cherished every phase of my life to the fullest. I have been immensely fortunate and blessed. Although my time in the spotlight may be nearing its end...

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