How do you write a letter to your senior brother staying overseas giving him three reasons why you dislike your new environment?

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The weather sucks,The place is expensive rent-wise, food-wise, and everyone here is a “Prepper” but me. It snows up to my derrier and the town trucks are sassy and do a very poor job that most people cant get their cars over the humps if they do they take out their muffler system. So basically your left with a gutted wonder on four wheels. the place has been trying to kill me since I got here. I almost got hit by a car, my teeth went bad I ended up in the ER, I caught covid and ended up with a pulmonary embolism that should have killed me but God was gracious and merciful. He and my family are the only ones that have my back. Speaking of backs my back continually itches here so much so my kid bought me a back scratcher that me and the dog fight over. I am so dry I look like Im snowing when I step into the bath. Fruit has to be eaten with in two days or it becomes dehydrated which is cool if its a grape or a plum but not if its a pineapple with the rind still on and all its leaves. I feel like a grasshopper to everyone’s ant and I on the other hand told them point blank that if the shit hits the fan I’m moving in with the neighbors because all the neighbors have food stockpiles. We live bathed in jergens in this place it is so dang dry. People look weathered ? No buddy they are dehydrated. When it rains everyone plumps up. You could tell him this or just say its great loving it here… really.

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