How can I start writing as a beginner?

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I am no author or writer. I am writing this answer to show you , you can write. Trust me on this. No, I am asking you to trust yourself on this.

To write, one must form sentences. No big deal. All you need to do to write effectively is to pay attention to what a sentence is and how to write it effectively. It is “group of words that makes complete sense”. See the two things in bold again, WORDS and COMPLETE SENSE.

Get better at words by learning vocabulary. Start making sense by learning Grammar. All it takes to become a writer is use right words and knowing how to put them rightly.

Didn’t expect this mundane,boring advise which you know from kindergarden is to “learn some vocabulary and Grammar to become writer”, do you?

But you see,I am writing now and have already written 50+ words which you are reading now. I am no master of vocabulary nor grammar. Infact, I am bad at them.If I am good at grammar, I would have written last sentence as “I am good at neither vocabulary nor grammar”.Without big words and weak grammar(I hope not without sense), if I can write this far, what is stopping you to become writer? I am coming to that.

It is not vocabulary or grammar or some other stupid reason you think that is stopping you to write.Scrap that.Listen. It is you stopping yourself to write. Your little voice of hesitation stopping you to write.I repeat again. I repeat this because it is so important. You can write without great vocabulary and with no soild Grammar.All you need is to small courage to kill that little voice of hesitation and just write. Yes. “Just write”.

Writing this unstructured/low standard/poor word choice/ containing wrong spellings like soild(in above paragraph) etc., are part of writing game. All, without any doubt, All writers write bad initially.

You must be scolding your stars which made you read this stupid thing today.I am NOT sorry If I made you sick today. This is necessary,much needed,unavoidable for me or to any writer to get better at writing. Thank you!

You got the message? Just write.

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