Do you authors use a pen name? If not/yes, why/why not?

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I write in a lot of different genres, and I write both fiction and nonfiction.

The nonfiction is in my name. The far-future, post-scarcity philosophical porn that Eunice and I write, we publish under our own name.

Eunice and I also write in a lot of other genres: lesbian noir murder mystery, post-cyberpunk, contemporary urban fantasy. Each of those genres, we publish under a pseudonym, so that people don’t confuse those books with the post-scarcity theocratic porn.

I also self-published BDSM erotica many many years ago. Those books, I published under a pen name as well (William Vitelli: William because it’s my middle name, Vitelli because it’s the Italian version of the French name Veaux).

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