What's the best free grammar checker on the Internet?

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There are several free grammar checkers available online that can help you improve your writing. Here are some popular ones:

Grammarly:Grammarly is a widely used grammar and writing assistant tool. It has a free version that checks for basic grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. There's also a premium version with more advanced features.

ProWritingAid:ProWritingAid offers a free version that analyzes your writing for grammar, style, and readability issues. It provides suggestions for improvement and explanations for each suggestion.

LanguageTool:LanguageTool is an open-source grammar checker that supports multiple languages. It has a free version available online that checks for grammar and style errors.

Ginger:Ginger offers a free grammar and spell checker. It also provides features such as sentence rephrasing and translation. While the free version is limited, it can still be quite useful.

Hemingway Editor:Hemingway Editor helps improve your writing by highlighting complex sentences, common errors, and suggesting simplifications. It doesn't check grammar comprehensively but focuses on enhancing readability.

Scribens:Scribens is a free, robust grammar checker that provides real-time suggestions for grammar, spelling, and style issues. It supports multiple languages.

After the Deadline (now part of Automattic's Jetpack):Originally developed by Automattic, the company behind WordPress, After the Deadline is now part of Jetpack. It offers contextual spell checking and advanced style and grammar checking.

Remember that while these tools are helpful, they may not catch every error, and it's always a good idea to manually review your writing as well. Additionally, premium versions of these tools often provide more advanced features and more in-depth analysis.

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