I have my first draft of a book I want to publish. What is my next step?

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I made the same mistake of not seeking feedback and editing before self-publishing my manuscript. I recommend following these steps to avoid the same outcome and improve your chances of successful publishing. Let the manuscript rest for a few weeks or months before coming back to it with fresh eyes. Print it out and read it quickly to identify any developmental issues. Make changes from big to small based on your observations. Seek feedback from beta readers or critique partners to get outside opinions. Incorporate their suggestions into your revisions. Proofread the manuscript for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. If you want to pursue traditional publishing, research publishers in your genre and send query letters. If you choose to self-publish, hire an editor to review your manuscript. Make the recommended changes from your editor. Additionally, book a cover designer, create an online author platform, send out ARC copies for reviews, and set a release date to generate buzz for your book.

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