Does writing have a meaning?

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i want to write some things today. so i choosing this Question to writing my words.

Today is the starting of December . So i would like to write the past month analysation of my life . The past month is November . i did so many things in that month . I like November more than the past months . because i did some thing to my life more than i did in the other months. all people know November is an challenging month. most people take so many challenges in that month . like NNN and no shave etc . I also participated in the NNN challenge and completed successfully. so i am so happy for that. In the starting of November i take some challenge to completing some tasks. in the starting day of November i write 6 tasks to completing every day. and i tried to completing most of the days. i feel so motivated every day because of this challenge. i read some books in that month . i am so happy to reading books. November have 30 days and written 6 task for completing every day. so total 180 task for completing in that month . and i completed 131 tasks out of 180. i am so happy to seeing this result . I also trying to improve the completed task number in the coming month and i trying to adding more tasks in this month.

advantages of the last month(November ).

* i think i controlled my self from distractions.

* Uninstalled Instagram (before this month , i wasted some hours regularly with out knowing i am wasting my time in that social media platform . i can’t control that , that’s why i wasted lot of time in social media.)

*i feel so satisfied in every night.

* Tried to develop an income source.

* Tried to develop some skills.

* mainly i feel so productive in this month.

many more advantages i made in that month.

that’s all.

thank you.

NB : i am so bad in my language skills and i trying to develop my skills through this platform. So you can see so many errors in this writings. please forgive the errors i have made and also please try to understand errors. it will definitely help me to improve my writing skills.

In this December i am thinking to develop my communication skills. so if any one interested to helping me ,please let me know..

once again thank you guys.

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