What are some tips for writing concise and elegant code? How can you make your code more readable and efficient?

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I can think of two things that help people to write more elegant code. The first one is familiarity with various features of the language you use. The second one is having powerful mental models of how the code works in general.

Leaning language features is relatively straightforward. What’s less obvious is how to use them in a way that’s clear to other people. Talking about specific code to other developers who are pragmatic, but sufficiently open-minded is a great help.

As far as mental models, this is much harder to explain and give specific advice. I think learning about classic AI systems would be of great help. (For example, watching Artificial Intelligence lectures by Patrick Winston or reading one of his books.) Early AI had a lot of really powerful mental models for information processing that can be easily adapted to “normal” applications today.

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