My topic essay is addiction. What shall I do to start from introduction to conclusion when writing it?

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You have a topic. Now you need a question to investigate about that topic. Until you have a question, you have no direction. so, some possible questions:

How does addiction change the brain?

Can a person be addicted to things other than drugs or alcohol? (sex? gambling? food? porn? video games?) How is the brain chemistry similar in non-physical forms of addiction?

Is there such a thing as an addictive personality?

What are the most effective treatments for addiction?

Is AA actually a treatment, or is it a pseudo-religion? Should judges be “sentencing” people to AA?

What accounts for the increase in addiction in the US (or whatever country)?

Can addiction be overcome through “willpower” alone?

Should we use drugs or other medical interventions to treat addiction?

Then make a list of what you would need to find in order to answer one (or more) of these questions, and go do your research.

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