Is part of the reason for writing books, because the activity of writing books gives you something to do with your life?

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Goodness gracious no.

I write books because I can’t not write. I write because I have to—because if I don’t, the brain weasels fill my head until it bursts. I keep a list of ideas for books I want to write, yet somehow, with each book I finish, the list is longer, not shorter.

I make my living from writing, which, even though it’s not a good living, is rare, but if I wasn’t writing I’d do something else.

Writing actually ttakes time away from all the other things I want to do. If I didn’t write, I’d still have more things to do than I there is time to do them. I design sex toys, play video games, do amateur infosec work, I’m teaching myself CNC machining and laser engraving, I spin fire, I’m a dedicated amateur photographer…I don’t need more things to do. :)

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