How do I get a ghost writer?

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First, you don’t just ask for a “ghost writer”. You must look for a writer who does the type of work you want. For example, although I can write just about anything, I specialize in romantic fiction with sexy elements, so if you were to go to my “need a freelancer” page on redshadow67 you’d see that I tell you the kinds of romances I will be likely to help you with, with mention at the bottom that I could do the other things, but not as the main feature on that page.

Now, if you are looking to get a technical manual created, obviously you wouldn’t think of first asking me, and depending on what it was I’m unlikely to agree to write the thing. So, what you need to do when looking for a writer is to explain what you want written. It’s going to save us each a lot of time.

My first advice whenever asked is to say go look on upwork or fiverr or one of the other sites like it…all you need to do to tap into thousands of ready and willing writers is to go run a search for freelance writing services in a browser and any one of them will give you some great sites to try. The real trick is to understand not all the sites are created equal. Read reviews of them and then when you pick one read reviews of the writers you find on them. Upwork, as an example, has me listed at five out of five stars, and with good reason, because I complete my tasks on time and deliver above and beyond expectations. If you’re going to look for a writer on there, look for one with those high marks.

If you are looking to get some steamy fiction…well, sure, go on over and read what I might write and if it interests you and I have the time, go ahead and see if I’m available. You never know…

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