What is the best way to choose two books to write a dissertation on?

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Selecting two books for your dissertation is like choosing the perfect ingredients for a recipe – it requires careful consideration, a dash of intuition, and a sprinkle of academic finesse. So, how do you make this literary recipe a success?

Firstly, let's talk passion. Think about the topics that truly ignite your academic enthusiasm. What subjects make your heart race a little faster? The best dissertations are often born out of genuine interest. When you're passionate about a subject, the hours of research and writing won't feel like a chore but rather a journey of discovery.

Next up, consider relevance. Your chosen books should not only align with your passion but also contribute meaningfully to the academic conversation. Are these books addressing current debates or offering fresh perspectives? Remember, your dissertation is not just a personal exploration but a scholarly contribution to your field.

Now, let's delve into the practical. Accessibility is key. Ensure the books you choose are readily available in libraries or through online resources. Trust me; you don't want to spend weeks hunting down elusive texts when time is of the essence.

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