Cursive writing a dying art how do you feel?

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For many years, I believed that cursive writing was unnecessary. Because of technology and the incessant need for speed, cursive writing had indeed become a dying art, and cursive writing to communication was as snail mail is to email.

When I started writing on a regular basis, I changed my mind. Much of my first drafts are written in cursive on lined paper with lilac ink. I realized that a significant connection exists between one’s brain and one’s writing done with pen in hand. Thinking comes easier, and the results of the thinking are more cohesive with physical writing. My editing and revisions also are done with pen on my printouts.

Cursive writing is far more satisfying. But, then, I come from a generation in which penmanship was taught and legible cursive handwriting was the result. Computer writing is sterile, impersonal.

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