Can you self publish and traditional publish at the same time?

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Embarking on both self-publishing and traditional publishing simultaneously is feasible but requires careful planning. Begin by researching literary agents or publishers open to considering already self-published work. Prepare a polished manuscript and a compelling query letter. Simultaneously, venture into self-publishing, ensuring professional editing, cover design, and marketing. Keep communication transparent if approached by a traditional publisher. It's a delicate balance, demanding dedication and flexibility. Your journey is unique, and I'm here to offer guidance and support as you navigate the intricate path of both self-publishing and traditional publishing.

Getting started with self-publishing can be a bit difficult but doesn’t have to be.

After publishing 200+ books on Amazon and running 120 million Amazon ads, I discovered the secret to getting books self-published easily and selling.

The key is to break down the steps into easy-to-follow bite-sized chunks as I lay out in my free self-publishing secrets checklist.

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