How can you find someone to edit/proofread your manuscript before submitting it to publishers or agents?

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Finding someone to edit or proofread your manuscript before submitting it to literary agents or publishers (who accept manuscripts from writers) isn’t hard.

If you have friends who are writers or are part of any writing groups, ask for recommendations. Chances are that they know someone who can edit or proofread for you.

One thing to ask before you search is whether you want an editor or a proofreader, since you usually don’t need both. An editor will make major changes to your text and look for where your manuscript can be improved, while a proofreader will make minor changes to your text to ensure consistency and correct any mistakes.

Editors are fantastic for improving manuscripts, but if you struggle with critique or want to keep your manuscript mostly as written, you’re probably best looking for a proofreader.

So, how do you find either of these?

Outside of recommendations, the best places to look are:

The Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading directory

Facebook groups such as ‘I Need a Book Editor’, ‘Services for Book Authors’, and more

Services For Authors

Searching keywords on search engines, like ‘fiction proofreader’ or ‘developmental editor’


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