How do I start a conversation?

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I'm not sure if this advice will be beneficial to you, but it's what worked for me. When my peers used to label me as 'weird', I decided to embrace my uniqueness and understand why they perceived me that way.

To discover why I didn't fit in and the behaviors that kept them at a distance, I directly asked my peers for their perspectives. Based on their responses, I implemented the following strategies:

1. Improve eye contact during conversations to demonstrate attentiveness, without staring.

2. Do not hesitate to share jokes or comments. If people react positively, that's great. If not, it doesn't matter much, considering they already believed you didn't fit in.

3. Avoid intentionally isolating yourself. I used to decline invitations out of fear of how they would pan out. Remember, if you never spend time with others, it becomes challenging to make friends. Nonetheless, prioritize your safety and get to know people before accepting their offers.

4. Take the initiative to approach individuals you want to be friends with. Strike up a conversation with someone interesting. They may or may not be receptive, but it's good practice for initiating conversations and engaging with unfamiliar people.

5. Be mindful of how you communicate with others. Even if unintended, it's crucial to avoid remarks that may be perceived as insulting. I used to unintentionally come across as a 'know-it-all', which I disliked. Delivering your thoughts pleasantly and politely always yields better results, even when expressing the same viewpoints.

These are the main points that come to mind for now. I genuinely hope they prove helpful. Feeling excluded is never a pleasant experience.

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