Kquorans, could you write a letter to your friends on here?

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time flew by (literally) and it’s been a few months since i’ve come on this app. i deleted quora off my phone…. but anyway, i’ll keep it simple and short.

.sun -> hello my friend, i do feel really bad for leaving you hanging for these few months, and i apologise. if you do read this however, i hope we can continue our friendship and i love u lots pookie. 😘 it’s was really fun reading all the things going on in your life and it was fun talking to you. if we have the chance we really need to meet up one day. you’re so so beautiful and i hope all goes well for you. thank you so much for taking the time to update me with you life even though we live so far apart. i hope you don’t think that i forgot about you or that i don’t want to talk anymore. it’s just that things have been really busy. anyway, it’s the holidays now and i can finally tell u how my past few months were. also did u know i got tickets for enhypen world tour AHDHHAHDG IM SO EXCITED HEHE

ok that’s it LOL i don’t really have other friends that i talk to on here.

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