Is writing novels or (wholesome) short stories easier?

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A contemporary short story typically has a word count of no fewer than 1000 and no more than 20,000. Some brief stories have only a few paragraphs to their name. However, longer short stories—those with between 10,000 and 20,000 words—are frequently referred to as novellas.

When creating a novel, you don't need to be doing a whole lot more. A lot more character development is required to understand how your characters behave, feel, change, and resolve issues.

While they can be found in novels as well as short stories, subplots are more frequently seen in novels. These are side tales that accompany the main story and in some way deepen the plot or theme.

Short stories often have easily solved difficulties. Usually, they concentrate on a single facet of a character's life, or a single facet of an issue or relationship.

怀A book often has deeper concerns and conflict, as well as the ability to explore multiple topics at once. The size of the issue and its ease of resolution determine the difference.

A novel and a short story are not often distinguished by the length of time they cover. While some short stories take place across numerous days, years, or even various eras, some books take place in a single day. However, flash fiction, which is a very brief story, is typically limited to a single scene or instant.

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