I'm writing a novel wherein the main character moves to Scotland. Can someone explain the English Scottish Advanced Higher in layman’s terms?

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Certainly! The English Scottish Advanced Higher is a type of qualification in the Scottish education system. In simple terms, it's a more advanced level of study typically taken by students in their final year of high school (or sixth year) in Scotland.

Here's a breakdown in layman's terms:

Location: Scotland has its own education system, separate from the rest of the UK. The Scottish Advanced Higher is specific to Scotland.

Level: It's a high-level qualification, which means it's more challenging and in-depth than regular high school courses.

Timing: Students usually take it in their last year of high school, similar to the final year of high school in other places.

Subject Choices: Like other high school qualifications, students can choose different subjects to study for their Advanced Higher, such as math, English, history, biology, etc.

Rigor: Advanced Higher courses are academically rigorous, requiring a deep understanding of the subject matter. They involve independent research and critical thinking.

Exams and Assessments: Students are assessed through exams, coursework, and sometimes a dissertation (a long research project). Success in Advanced Highers is often a requirement for university admission in Scotland.

In your novel, you can use this qualification to highlight the academic challenges and ambitions of the main character as they navigate their education in Scotland. It's an important step towards further education or entering the workforce, depending on the character's goals.

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