Writing clearly is the output of thinking clearly. What resources do you recommend me to level up my thinking?

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Just write more, you will discover your mental abilities increase the more you write. That is because when you write you need to organize your own thought and process ideas as the words are going down on the paper or the computer, as the case maybe.

And yes, I do have a couple friends who for some strange reason handwrite everything then have a service then input it into a computer file. He really feels that using a keyboard in some mysterious way demeans him as a human being. No, I have no idea where that comes from he seems normal in every other way.

Now, before I go too far, your brain is not a computer which has a software system you understand. it works the way it does and you need to learn to work with that software. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about this one as I happen to be slightly learning disabled and everyone in my life told me how I was a waste of skin. However, I learned in spite of them and got an AAS and a BSME and I write for fun.

I actually dedicated my first book to my ninth grade English Literature teacher who was to Old Crowne who tagged me as a waste of skin. Trust me, the look on her face when I showed up at her door was of both shock and horror. I’m pretty sure she wasn’t sure if I was there to kill her or what. I gave her my first copy of my first book and I had the dedication written in large type so she could read it. She honestly looked as though she didn’t know whether to shit or go blind.

My point being, use what you have, don’t focus on changing you so much as you will change via the writing. Learn to use what you have the way it works, as it is and life and everything else will work better for you.

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