How can one get paid by writing articles? What sites would be best for this purpose, and how much money can they make per article?

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Writing content on Medium - Medium offers a feature where you can lock your content behind a paywall. Users subscribed to Medium membership are the only ones that will be able to view your full article. Your earnings will depend on how many paid members view your article.

Writing content on Quora - Quora also offers an opportunity to earn money for contributors. Earning on Quora mainly relies on users going to your space, and viewing your content. Unlike Medium, Quora does not offer a paywall feature, instead, it places advertisements on your space. Quora will give you incentives for the amount of traffic you drive into the advertisements.

Offering writing services on Fiverr - Writing for other people is one of the most in demand services on the internet. I freelance on Fiverr as an SEO blog article writer, which is why I can say this strategy is one of the easiest ways to start earning money by writing articles.

Although these are great ways to earn money, it’s not always the best strategy.

Most successful writers and content creators have a foolproof strategy: offer 99% of your content for free, and sell that 1%. Nicolas Cole, one of Quora and Medium’s top writers, mentioned this strategy on his book: The Art and Business of Online Writing. This strategy makes it easier to gather audience and data, which will vastly improve your writing and your business.

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