Is Write My Essays legit?

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No, Roman Empire, sockpuppet of spammer and ChatGPT plagiarist Joseph Isieturugo, Write My Essays is in no way legit. Though the poor suckers who fall for this pathetic spam may not find that out for years. (Did you know your university degree can be rescinded even decades after you graduate when someone going through old files notices you plagiarized?)

You have quite the list of sockpuppets you use to spam, don’t you, Joseph or Roman or whatever you’re called?

Let’s see who’s in your orbit. There’s Kate Funk and Галина Лагунова and Aleks Yustas and Dada and Sina Keywanfard and dozens more…all spam accounts and Russian disinformation accounts. And here you are, stopping to spamming a pathetic cheesy essay site when your fellows are hard at work with COVID disinformation and political agitprop.


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