How do I build a strong resume?

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Lead with your strengths. For example, if your education is the most important aspect for the position, it should be at the top of your resume. If you excel in experience, prioritize that.

Use a summary section instead of the traditional "Career Objective" section to provide a brief overview of your objective. This allows you to speak in first person and make the resume more engaging.

Due to the limited time hiring authorities spend on each resume, be concise yet create energy and excitement.

Add personality to your resume by using a few descriptive adjectives.

Focus on highlighting key accomplishments in your previous roles rather than simply listing where you worked. Include data points to demonstrate the impact of your achievements.

Show how you brought value to your previous employers to indicate your potential for future success.

Prioritize creating a FAB (Features, Advantages, Benefits) sheet about yourself before writing your resume or cover letter. This will make the job search process more targeted and successful.

Unless applying for a creative position, use white paper and avoid overly flashy fonts. Stick to the basics.

Remember that your resume is only a small part, around 1-2%, of your overall job search process. Keep it in perspective as there are other important aspects to consider.

These are just some points on the topic. Feel free to reach out via email if you need further clarification.

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