How do I write a letter as SRC General Secretary requesting for funds to design identification cards for student leaders in the university?

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The SRC General secretary is supposed to have excellent writing and communication skills, so I will leave the actual writing to you , but, here is what you need:

a) Find to whom to write the letter. Who can provide these funds?

b) Identify the reasons why student leaders need special ID cards. Don’t all students have already ID cards? Why do the “leaders” need special ID cards? Are these provided once, as long as they are students, or annually? Do they have a photo? Can they open special rooms?

c) How many do you need? And what is their cost per year?

d) Who will issue/approve these ID cards?


Dear XXX (a)

As SRC General secretary I would like to request to allocate every year to the budget of the school approximately $xxx (c) to issue to the student leaders of the university approximately (c) ID cards. The purpose of these ID cards is to…. (b) and (d).


Your name

SRC General Secretary

XXX University

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