What are some useful reading hacks?

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I will provide you with an example of a CAT passage to demonstrate the importance of note-making during Reading Comprehension. The majority of CAT Reading Comprehensions fall under the category of reading material from subjects such as philosophy, psychology, and sociology. These subjects are unfamiliar to most of us and their content is complex and difficult to understand.

In response to these RCs, most test-takers have predictable reactions. They tend to feel overwhelmed and unable to comprehend the passage. This negative thinking hampers their reading process, causing them to either stop reading or skim through the passage without full attention. The key is to overcome this negative thinking and to convince ourselves that the text is approachable and solvable.

This is where RC note-making comes into play. Initially, the notes should be written on pen and paper, but with practice, mental note-making can be utilized. Although note-making takes time, mastering this skill and eventually making mental notes can save more time in the long run.

The approach to RC note-making involves two simple steps: identifying the subject and the main point of each paragraph. By doing so, the main ideas and subjects of every paragraph can be established, allowing for an easier recall of the passage's flow and better preparation for the questions.

The greatest benefit of this exercise is that it keeps the reader engaged and prevents them from losing focus while reading. Although it may be challenging initially, as time goes on, the value of this memory enhancement and retention technique becomes evident.

The act of writing the notes is necessary because it ensures that the exercise is completed. Writing regularly helps to develop a habit, which eventually leads to mental note-making without the need for pen and paper.

This approach is highly relevant for CAT exams due to the abstract nature of the passages. It is a valuable exercise to build reading stamina.

An example passage from a previous year's CAT exam, 'A History of Western Philosophy' by Bertrand Russell, can be used to demonstrate how note-making can be applied. By analyzing the passage paragraph by paragraph and identifying the subject and main point of each, a clearer understanding of the passage is achieved. This exercise enhances comprehension skills and is crucial for success in CAT exams.

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